TV Commercials Post-Production has been our first core business since The Post Bangkok was founded in 2000. Throughout the decade, we have continuously upgraded our digital platforms & tools  to handle an ever-broader range of our clients' demands. From Telecine to editing to VFX all the way to finishing, you can expect only the best possible combination of hardware / software suites and highly skilled hands. Because when it's come to achieving the best results, we simply refuse to compromise.



  • Online Visual Effect Compositing Suites:
  • Flame I:  Autodesk Flame Premium
  • Flame II-VIII:  Autodesk Flame
  • Spirit 2K Film Scanner with DaVinci 2K Plus Color Grading
  • Spirit 4K Film Scanner with Bones and DataCine
  • Final Cut Pro Editing Suites


Our CG division opened its door in 2009 to satisfy the exploding demand for digital content in the Advertising and Entertainment industries. We have a talented, multi-disciplinary team in place that can carry out high quality work in 3D modeling, animations, special effect and rendering. And of course, you can expect world-class digital content creation tools that nicely match our team's capability.

Color Grading


Digital Color Grading Suites:

  • Resolve I:   DaVinci Resolve Linux
  • Resolve II:  DaVinci Resolve Mac
  • Resolve III: DaVinci Resolve Mac



In 2007, The Post Bangkok's services extended beyond advertising circle and into the realm of Digital Filmmaking. The house has been providing a comprehensive range of post-production services for local & regional filmmaking markets. Thanks to our fully integrated Recording, Editing, Effects, DI, and Output environment, filmmaker clients can expect a world-class standard and quality that their projects deserve.


  • Digital Color Grading in a DI Theater:
  • Baselight FOUR Color Grading
  • Baselight Assist Color Grading

Digital Cinema Package Creation:

  • DCP DVS/Clipster
  • 200 TB. Centralized SAN Storage